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Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza

About Magaluf


Magaluf is probably one of the most famous beach resorts in Europe. Incredibly popular with British package holiday makers, it has a reputation for drinking games, wet T-shirt contests and teenagers throwing up on the beach - foreign TV crews would flock here to film scenes that would give any parent nighmares!

For some, Magaluf - more than anywhere else in Majorca - has been blighted by the curse of mass tourism. For others, Magaluf offers the best holiday experience of your life.

It's not without reason that Magaluf became a holiday resort in the first place. It is blessed with fantastic white sand beaches and crystal-clear sea. As the resort has grown so have the number and quality of the attractions & theme parks - you won't find any better in Majorca.

Since the 1990s, Magaluf has tried hard to change its image. The worst of the high-rise hotels have been destroyed, a new seafront promenade has been built, and the council has introduced activities from guided walks to tai chi on the beach. World class clubbing is on offer, and new music venues attract some of the biggest names in the business.

Of course, not all has changed. Still the lager louts come... and if you want cheap sun, sea, sand and sangria, there's no better place.


Source: SeeMallorca

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